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Kani Development Solutions was founded with the single mission: to make a meaningful contribution to the development and industrialization of the African.

Founded in 2015 as an advisory and capability building firm advising large-scale project developers and facilitating training interventions for development finance institutions across the continent, Kani recognised the need for the local procurement of components in the construction and operation of large-scale power generation projects and the positive impact localisation can have on South Africa’s manufacturing sector.

Kani is focused on playing an instrumental role in the development of high impact projects and businesses that support economic growth and achieve meaningful socio-economic development on the continent.

We are 100% black woman owned and have a Level 1 B-BBEE Rating.

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Supported by a team of seasoned professionals with vast industry experience and a commitment to empowering Africa, Kani is the ideal partner of choice for your project advisory, capability building and localisation needs.

We offer dynamic solutions to:

Empower Industry: Build capabilities and empower decision makers through project development and project finance training interventions

Localize: stimulate growth for local manufacturing sector through the localization  of component manufacturing

Maximize: Maximize meaningful participation of women in the energy value chain.

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Empowering Decision Makers

Training and capability building play a critical role in supporting economic growth on the continent and we are committed to building capabilities of decision makers.

Our team develops tailor-made training programmes that address knowledge gaps and assist decision makers, some of our training programmes include:

  • Introduction to Funding and Security Considerations

  • Legal Due Diligence

  • Corporate Governance

  • Effective Contracting

  • Project Finance & PPP Training

  • Financial Modelling


Expert Guidance

Our team has intimate knowledge of deal structuring and work with a network of partners which enables us to provide our clients with a unique project development, structuring and fundraising service. 

Our team is best placed to provide the following legal and transactional advisory services to project developers:

- structure investment opportunities

- conduct legal and financial due diligence investigations

- draft/review and negotiate legal agreements

- prepare financial models

- access financing 

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Stimulate local manufacturing

The development of large-scale power generation projects not only provides a lifeline for the local manufacturing industry, but an opportunity to ensure meaningful participation of women across the entire energy value chain.

Through an Enterprise Development Programme with a leading metal, copper, brass, aluminium, steel and plastic component manufacturer, Kani is able to participate in the manufacturing of electrical components by leveraging access to technical support and a 12 500m² manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 certified and also accredited to manufacture flame proof product ranges.

Kani is positioned to manufacture a wide range of components in the energy value chain, such as:

•Combiner boxes

•Transformer components

•Earthing Products

•Clamping Equipment

•Copper Cable Terminals 

•Switch Operators

•Surge Arrestors

•Insulator Stick Handles

•Buzzbar Insulators



Kani recognizes that as an integral component of modern society, access to electricity plays a pivotal role in economic prosperity, with a fundamental contributor to economic growth being education. Statistics show that 78% of Grade 4 pupils in South Africa cannot read for basic meaning, that means eight of ten 10-year-olds in South Africa, are functionally illiterate.

#READPower is a social investment initiative developed by Kani in partnership with Educubed Foundation to distribute solar lighting systems to households in informal settlements and rural communities who cannot afford electricity and fund literacy and numeracy programmes in those communities.

The Programme also incorporates unemployed youth, with a focus on women, living in informal settlements, with unemployed youth from the community being trained to install and maintain the lighting solutions.

Participating in the #READPower Programme will enable you to make a meaning contribution in the lives of those living in impoverished communities. 








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