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Kani Development Solutions was founded with the single mission: to make a meaningful contribution to the development and industrialization of the African.

Founded in 2015, by a seasoned legal professional and entrepreneur with vast experience across various industries, Kani provides capability and capacity building solutions that seek to develop an economically transformed African continent through the participation of marginalised communities in development and industrialisation.

We are 100% black woman owned with a Level 1 B-BBEE Rating and are the ideal partner for your for your Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives.

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Capacity and Capability Building Solutions



SMMEs are vital components of economies, they are able to create jobs and enable inclusive growth, unfortunately most SMMEs are owner managed enterprise with limitations in skills, size and resources.

Increasing SMMEs capacity and building business owner's capabilities will make SMMEs more resilient and structure them for growth. We are committed to unlocking the untapped potential of SMMEs to enable them to play a critical role in supporting economic growth on the continent. 

We provide digital Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions that address knowledge gaps and assist entrepreneurs to be effective in their market place. 

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Empowering Decision Makers

There is a need for in-depth and focused legal training for SMMEs.

Businesses operate in a regulated environment and commercial decisions need to  be driven by a full understanding of both commercial and legal risk.

It is a business imperative for businesses to have the necessary legal understanding in order to be able to adequately avoid or mitigate any risks identified.

We offer a number of SMME Legal Masterclasses covering matters impacting SMMEs such as: 

•Corporate Governance

•Bid Readiness 

•Effective Contracting: Risk Identification and Mitigation

•Introduction to Funding and Security Considerations Debt Collection and Distressed Companies

•Legal due diligence

We also work with our clients in identifying specific knowledge gaps in order to develop bespoke material based on client needs.


Equipping SMMEs for Growth

Introducing CAPACITATE, a digital enterprise management and capability building tool.

CAPACITATE has a number of invaluable features, including:

  1. CRM: an intuitive customer relationship management function which includes sales pipelines and lead tracker

  2. Project Management: Entrepreneurs can manage tasks, timesheets and milestones with a dashboard to provide entrepreneurs with an overview of open projects, invoices, tasks, payments and events 24/7

  3. Financial Management: Includes customisable purchase orders, quotations, invoices and statements enabling entrepreneurs to manage expenses, budgets, pricelists and generate reports to be in full mastery of their finances.

  4. Compliance Management: Entrepreneurs can easily to access compliance documents on CAPACITATE as and when required

  5. Knowledge Portal:  Curated knowledge portal containing business management tutorials, templates, trainings and insights.

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CAPACITATE equips small and micro business owners with the necessary resources required to be effective in their marketplace.



We believe that renewable energy has the ability to drive meaningful socio-economic development.

As an integral component of modern society, access to electricity plays a pivotal role in economic prosperity, with another fundamental contributor to economic growth being education.

Statistics show that 78% of Grade 4 pupils in South Africa cannot read for basic meaning, that means eight out of ten 10-year-olds in South Africa, are functionally illiterate.

READPower is a social investment initiative developed by Kani in partnership with Educubed Foundation to distribute solar lighting systems to households in informal settlements and rural communities who cannot afford electricity and fund literacy and numeracy programmes in those communities.

The Programme also incorporates unemployed youth, with a focus on women, living in informal settlements by training unemployed youth from local communities to install and maintain the lighting solutions.

Kani invites its partners to use their Socio-Economic Development Spend to make a positive impact in improving the national literacy rate and secure South Africa’s future by supporting READPower.








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